Sokun Nisa - Khmer Super Woman

Born with an official name Phon Sokun, Sokun Nisa is one of the latest best Khmer female singers. Leaving her homeland Krati, Nisa struggles in the world of songs until she reaches the hall of fame through her stunningly beautiful appearance, passionate personality and deep-soft-sharp and sweet voice.

1983 was the year of her birth, and in 1996, her father passed away. The death of her father has impacted her early life in countless ways. Then, she decided to pursue her career in the music industry in order to support her mother. But that is not the only reason she becomes a singer. It is because of her talent and passion in music, either.

In 2000, she competed 300 contestants from her home-province to win the provincial best female singer of the new millennium. She is strong enough not to take this as "beginner's luck" but as a "momentum" and "lucrative qualification" for the further stage of her career.

Her first hit... "Endless Love!"

As one might says "effort does pay off", in 2003, she was brought to the "Raksmey Steung Songke" music production under the guide of Mr. Hourn Vitya and Mr. Kham Puri. She, then began building her reputation. In 2005, she was honored to be invited to perform in Australia, under the sponsor of Asian Live Music Production Group. And in 2006, she went to Australia again for one month to perform in different occasions.

The year of 2004, however, marked a set-back of her singing career. She had problems with her company and she was not given any new song to sing. That was an reaction to the rumour that she was being linked to the Cambodian most famous and leading music production "Hang Meas" due to the open relationship with HM music lyrics writer "Sok Chumno." Everyone though that would put a stop to her career.

Nevertheless, in 2006, Spark Music Production gave her a chance to revive her career. And she did well to overcome the problems. Her fame began to flourish again, and this time, even more powerful than ever. Despite this success, Spark Music Production encountered such crucial problem which leads to a temporary shut down of the company. Again, Nisa is on the verge to end her career.

One of her song with Spark Music: "Part of my heart"

In 2007, surprising everyone, on the annual "Best of the Best" concert by Hang Meas Production, Sokun Nisa appeared on the stage with other HM singers. She then was announced as official HM singer along with Chhorn Sovannareach. From this milestone, combining with her gifted talent and determination, she becomes the company’s "first choice." It is partly due to the fact that she is a lover to the HM lyrics writer...as some people believe.

Her best so far: "If we are lover!"

Feature Preap Sovath, most famous Khmer male singer: "BouSra Waterfall"

Ms. Sokun Nisa is now volunteering to make a difference in Cambodian society. Her attribute is as simple as participating in programs such helping poor students and improving environmental issue. However, these are all the profound contributions that she has made which makes our community a better place to live.

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