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Congratulation Jonathan Allen Yabut for winning the first ever Apprentice Asia

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"Inspiration sparks hope, hope sparks action and actions sparks change."

Jonathan "Jon" Allen Yabut, a senior product manager of a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, was hired by Tony Fernandes, a renown Malaysian entrepreneur and the "Boss" of The Apprentice Asia TV show, in its first season ever. Having competed with other 11 contestants from across Asia, Jon was acclaimed for his leadership and management skills, most importantly his ability to bring the best our of other people, which have the greatest appeal to the Boss's taste. The 27-year-old Pinoy will receive a work at one of Fernandes's firm with a 6-figure salary in one-year contract.

The Apprentice Asia is the Asian version of famous TV reality show "The Apprentice" hosted by Donald Trump. In Asian version, the Boss is played by Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia and owner of English football club Queen Park Ranger Football Club. The show comprises of 12 contestants from Asian countries and aired 11 episodes on AXN-Asia.

Congratulation to Jon, to Philippine, and to ASEAN.

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Alodia Vs K Miyuko

First of all, please regard this as a friendly match-up, so I highly recommend not to post any bad comments about these two awesome and heart-stealing professional cosplayers. This is all for the beauty of the women and the fun of life.

 Alodia (Filipino)

K Miyuko


1200-year-old lost city of Mahendraparvata discovered in Cambodia

An ancient city, dated 350 years before the famed Angkor Wat, has been discovered by a group of archaeologist from University of Sydney led by a French-born archaeologist. 

All thanks to the airborne Lidar technology which use light detection and ranging data, 7 days of hard work result in a fashionable and extraordinary discovery. Damien Evans, who has been instrumental in this discovery, says that it's not yet known how large Mahendraparvata was because the Lidar search covered only a small, circumscribed area.

"Maybe what we are seeing was not the central part of the city, so there is a lot of work to be done to discover the extent of this civilization," he told The Age.

After studying the ancient scriptures from a great warrior, Jayavarman II, Jean-Baptiste Chevance, director of the Archaeology and Development Foundation in London who led the expedition, not that there is an existence of a mountain capital, “but we didn’t know how all the dots fitted, exactly how it all came together”.

At this moment, not many information or data related to this newly-discovered ancient city has been revealed, therefore we must resort to patience for further studied results.

Should there be any updates, we will work on bringing it in