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Komodo Dragon: the majestic lizard of ASEAN

Imagine yourself wandering in tropical Savanna forest where two sturdy cacao-coloured animals were wrestling to blood for female's approval to mate. This picturesque scene is due to roll from May to August and the female will have a role to lay 30 eggs in the next 9 months. Komodo dragons are the given name to these reptiles residing in the largest lizard island on earth, Komodo.

Riding on the pink oceanic crust, Pulau Komodo (Indonesian) houses the population of 2,000+ and serves as a natural habitat for these dragons to play-fight. The history of this island is said to be discovered by Dutch voyagers in the early 1910s. The dragons were first noted as a creature that ‘breathes fire’ and the report went through Lieutenant Steyn van Hensbroek who took the animal for documentation. Research results came out in 1912. Three years later; laws follow to protect the animal’s significance to the island.

Indulging on carcasses of deers and snakes, Komodo dragons are measured to be 70 kg in size, possessed the ability to stretch itself out to 3.13 meters with the weight of 166 kg. Eating 80% of its own body weight, the great dragon haunts on stealth and power, lurches on its prey at the speed of 16 to 20 kph. The Komodos can distinguish colours through their retina but only under poor vision in low light. Slimy venom in the dragon’s tongue can poise its preys to their deathbed in the next several days. When threatened, the dragon can throw up the contents of its stomach to lessen its weight and flee for safety.

What’s even more fascinating about this resident of Komodo is its powerful gift to new antibiotics discovery. Antimicrobial peptides, infection defense protein, are built in the dragons letting them accomplish an immune wall to the bites of other terrestrial animals. These findings may be also curb everyday problems such acne and pneumonia. Next, we’ll take a look at how reproduction work for the dragons.

Sexing Komodo is a challenge as they themselves still have trouble identifying who is male and female. Female Komodo can reproduce through an asexual process called parthenogenesis meaning no males are participated. The normal mating call would involve in males using their tongue as sensory experience to female's receptivity. After the female is impregnated, Komodo dragons are ready to bond as parents and grow a monogamous relationship.

Komodo younglings spend 7-8 months in shell before breaking into the world through special baby egg-tooth. The dragons then become exhausted and take a rest for a long time to prepare themselves against a treacherous playground where cannibalism is likely to exist! The defense is that these offsprings will have to seek solace in adults or spend a certain pace of their lifetime to camouflage. Komodo reptiles are expected to roam earth for as long as 50 years.

In January 2020, Komodo island is closed to visitors to preserve the animals’ habitat. The announcement to shut down were made by the officials of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia’s southernmost province after the news of nine men arrested for smuggling 40 komodo dragons under ‘$35,000/each.’.

Komodo dragons are as cool as dogs with their long tongue that can both scares you off or invite you for further observation.

By Chhem Sreynet



Phnom Penh readies for Barcamp ASEAN 2017

The ICONIC BarCamp is back, better and stronger than ever before.

BarCamp ASEAN 2017 returns with visions to share and inspire people greater than any previous events we have ever hosted. The event will take place at ITC, A.K.A Institute of Technology in Cambodia, for 2 days, the 21st and 22th of October from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. And YES, ever when it is better, IT’S STILL FREE.

BarCamp ASEAN 2017 is not about camping, FYI, it is a community. It is a community that accumulates great talents from all over the country to share their new innovations, ideas, opinions, and so much more. In addition, the participants will have a chance to sit through discussions between big names from various industries and expertise on topics that concern social innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

One may wonder ‘Why should I participate?’.

Participating in this event would serve you a lot of advantages. Not only can you get to share a lot of topics with people from different walk of life, but you also can be part of the conversation regarding building a better community through technology and social innovation.

One may ask ‘ What kinds of advantages?’

You will have to participate to find out. But let us give you one hint:

Learning is not just a process from classroom alone, you learn from experiences throughout life, and Barcamp acts as a mediator for you to absorb the experiences from great personnels that have achieved a great deal of successes in their life.”

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar, Set a reminder, because we are coming back fiercer than ever. We are hoping to see you all on the 21st and 22nd of October, at Institute of Technology in Cambodia (ITC).

            Come, Experience, and Be successful.”

This event would not come into practice without the help from our partners. We would like to express our deepest gratitude toward Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Institute of Technology in Cambodia, Smart, EZECOM, and many other partners that support and sponsor our event.

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See you at BarCamp ASEAN 2017!!!!


ASEAN Sky Line

We all know ASEAN is a growing region where economic development is undergoing and producing growth and prosperity. Out of all achievements, this time we will look at the sky line of ASEAN: the tallest building of each ASEAN nations. We share the same sky, therefore the same dream. 

NOTE: There are new buildings under construction and on the verge of completion as we speak. This article is last update of December 2014. Should there be any changes in the status, we will promptly work on it. Also, some countries are very difficult to access information regarding what we are looking for. So some might have inconsistent information. Please feel free to comments. 

1. Brunei- One of the richest land in the world, Brunei has attracted millions of tourists to witness its beautiful natural and human-made resort. Particularly, its highest building is approximately 122 meter longs and gorgeously standing in Bandar Seri Begawan. Having built in 1990 and owned by the Ministry Finance, it was called The Ministry of Finance Building and Complex.
Ministry of Finance Brunei

2. Cambodia- Having been acknowledged as one of the oldest civilization country among Asia, Cambodia is an empire full of culture and belief. In 1992, Angkor Wat Temple, the most targeted place for most tourists, has been listed in World Cultural Heritage List. It brings such a pride and happiness to all Cambodian people. Nonetheless, recently there is a huge skyscraper emerges in the heart of Phnom Penh, called Vattanac Capital which owned by Vattanac Properties Limited. Its height is about 188 meters (617 ft) which will be used for Residence, Commercial, Office Rental, and Banking.
Vattanac Capital

3. Indonesia- A country which made up of more than 17,500 islands, Indonesia has won its fame as a heaven of sea creatures. But marine life is not the only thing Indonesia shall be remembered about. Wisma 46, the 250 meters long PT Swadharma Primautama building which was built in 1996 in Jakarta, is a great addition to the growing sky line of ASEAN. You may note that this building appears in the 2004 video game Need for Speed: Underground 2, located in Bayview City Centre. 

Wisma 46

4. Laos- Lao, which is famed for their beautiful landscape, installed a towering figure on the bank of the Mekong River. Erected since 2004, Don Chan Palace has been recognized as the top place which bringing harmony to any visitors. 
Don Chan Palace

5. Malaysia- Little is needed to add for this amazing masterpiece. The Petronas Tower which is located in Kuala Lumpur city, is listed as the the top Commercial building which is the busiest and highest one among all. Its 451.9 meters height just simply amuse everyone. 
Petronas Twin Tower

6. Myanmar- Myanmar also known as Burma is a country full of Pagodas and Temples. One might think that most of its well-known place are pagodas. However if we take a deeper look at each piece of its architecture, we will surprise of its masterpieces and unique. We would never get sick of visit every of its pagodas I promise. Because they were designed in deference and apparently gorgeous. Like many other countries, Myanmar does have its notable and the highest tower in town, it was called Diamond Inya Palace. It is a kind of residential condominium which will be finished in the following year 2015. With its 127 meters, this building owned by Mandalay Golden Wing Construction Ltd in Yangon.
Diamond Inya Palace

7. The Philippines – The Philippines, a home of a diverse range of birds, plants, animals and sea creatures has earned so much attention from other people. It is a must stop-by place for whom enjoy travelling in the natural land. Whereas talking about a human-made attractive place there, PBCom Tower, a 259 meters long with antenna has been listed as the tallest building among many other stylist building in Manila even it was erected since 2010. 
PBCom Tower

8. Singapore – The smallest and the most modern one in ASIA, Singapore has been earning respect and admiring from various countries even from the West. In such a short period of time, it has developed itself to become one of strongest countries in trade and economic. Due to its limited space, you would barely see a small building besides a resident one. But, what is more special about Singapore is that currently there are 3 buildings considered the highest one. They are: Republic Plaza (completed 1995), One Raffle Place - Tower Two (1986) and United Overseas Bank (UOB) Plaza One (1986), all are 280 meters long.
One Raffle Place
Republic Plaza

UOB Plaza One

9. Thailand – Thailand, with Its countless and wonderful natural resorts, its extraordinary services just make every tourists cannot help but note it as a relaxing place for summer vocation or after retirement. Moreover, its usage of technology is just more than expected. They have so many skyscrapers, modern way of transportation and many other means. Ever since 1997, its tallest tower has been built as Baiyoke Tower II within 304 meters in Bangkok.
Baiyoke Tower II

10. Vietnam – Being known through its delicious snacks and foods, Vietnam rarely fail to fulfill its visitor desire. Sometime you don’t need to go to a market by just standing in front of your hotel or walking in the street, you would see tremendous kinds of snacks is being sold in everywhere. However, besides food, there are many things which adored by tourists. In 2011, the highest tower “Landmark 72” which is owned by Keangnam Enterprise, has charmed so many people by its great service in Hotel, office, serviced residences, retail and observatory in Hanoi. 
Landmark 72 Tower

Article by: Dara Ratanakraksmey 
Prepared by: Chhaly Samsokrith