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Congratulation Jonathan Allen Yabut for winning the first ever Apprentice Asia

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"Inspiration sparks hope, hope sparks action and actions sparks change."

Jonathan "Jon" Allen Yabut, a senior product manager of a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, was hired by Tony Fernandes, a renown Malaysian entrepreneur and the "Boss" of The Apprentice Asia TV show, in its first season ever. Having competed with other 11 contestants from across Asia, Jon was acclaimed for his leadership and management skills, most importantly his ability to bring the best our of other people, which have the greatest appeal to the Boss's taste. The 27-year-old Pinoy will receive a work at one of Fernandes's firm with a 6-figure salary in one-year contract.

The Apprentice Asia is the Asian version of famous TV reality show "The Apprentice" hosted by Donald Trump. In Asian version, the Boss is played by Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia and owner of English football club Queen Park Ranger Football Club. The show comprises of 12 contestants from Asian countries and aired 11 episodes on AXN-Asia.

Congratulation to Jon, to Philippine, and to ASEAN.

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