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Graines d'une Etoile (Seeds of a Star)

From the little land of Laos comes a notable man of Southeast Asian origin. Let's hear it from Willy Denzey, the Southeast Asian of the Month!

Willy Denzey or William Thongrasamy was born on August 19, 1982 by his Laotian parents in Melun, France. He was a musical enthusiast ever since so he later founded the band "Prodyge" together with his 4 friends.

He later joined the TV show "Graines De Star" in 2000, though he never won, a producer became interested in him and was later discovered at La Rochelle's Francofolies. He recorded his his first single "Que Vous Dire" two years later.

The neophyte Willy then released his first ever album "Number One" including songs entitled "L'Orphelin" and "Le Mur Du Son".

In 2004, he released his second album "Acte II" and a year later, he had his first son named Pharrell. In 2007, Willy recorded the song "Double Mise" (the french version of "Bet On It"), a part of the french soundtrack of High School Musical 2.

Willy Denzey, a true noble southeast asian!

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