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2009: new destination for AC Blog

Hello my fellow ASEAN citizens

I am Denith, leader and co-founder of this blog. It is a pleasure for me to entertain and encourage you more about ASEAN. For me, I actually have little knowledge about ASEAN and its community, as I myself strive to learn more about this finest community.

The year 2008 saw this blog rise to fair popularity, due to your supports. I, on behalf of the whole them, thank you all for this. The AC Blog has achieved many milestones last year, and we will not forget your kindness and cooperations.

This year, 2009, will witness more of our achievement. Let me bring you back to the year 2008 again when all members of ASEAN approve the charters, when the ASEAN day and anthem finally established. 2008 is the year of ASEAN, and we are so proud of be one of its flesh and blood.

To date, we have posted numerous articles, to inform, to explain and to remind every ASEAN citizens how great is this associations. We wish to continue this tradition as it will provides us valuable knowledge and bring us closer to the "One community, one identity" concept.

Now, I will turn the attentions to the crew of this blog.

To date, some of the members has had encountered such milestones in their life:

Dee Dee got married and Sovann now works in a farm. John, Hafiz and Bhaskara sticks to their works which is crucial to their life and other members is improving their life quality at the time ASEAN is rising. I wish everyone, good luck. There is a saying:
" To build you country, you build your family. Prior to that, you need to build yourself." Everyone is doing their best and I am proud to know them.

So, for this year 2009... let our spirits guide us to the place where our dreams tell us to go... a land of happiness, of cultural and communal peace and of regional advanced environment. We wish ASEAN the best wishes.

Again, this blog would not live this long because of all of you guys. Please, continue your support and feedbacks. We are readily welcome comments and recommendations.

To ASEAN, to AC Blog, and to ASEAN Citizens

With friendship, true love and brotherhood


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