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Boom and Booming

Ann ThongPrasom, or can be called "Boom" as her nickname, is a forever rising star for Thai entertainment industry. Starting at the age of 13, she is not one of the most popular Thai actress and a role model for the later generations. Born to a Swedish-Arabian father and a Thai mother, she has been living and sharing her life with her grandmother, and only her grandmother.[2] She regards her grandmother to be an eternal source of love. She also has an older brother and a younger brother [1]

"I didn't think that I'm a star, all I could do look but can't so anything about it. Ann never think that I'm a star, but just an actress that have the duty to act in a lakorn and so the job that I love. I love my job very much, but one day I might not be on-screen any more, so if that happens, I would like to do the directing job instead and direct for others to play. It's a dream that I want to do." (From her official website.) [1]

Her education background is great, having graduated from Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand with a Masters Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication on August 4, 2005 [2]. During her childhood, she also attended Wat Tabe ReeRa School and BangKapee School.

She received a chance to enter the industry after being invited by her mother's friend, also with some helps from the neighbors. She was introduced to a Video MV of a Thai singer of RS Production "Pisoot Supwijit." Her career started to bloom after she accepted to star in a lakorn (Thai drama) "Song Naree." In this drama, she had to starred as a twin, back in time, which requires a lot of skills to represent two different persons of a same blood. Later, she won a Best Leading Actress for that Lakorn[1]. Her biggest success, however, was her role in "The Letter: Jod Mai Rak" which earned 50 Million Bahts at that time and and had won many awards, including best actress at the Thailand National Film Association Awards[3]. During her career, she has won many other awards for the similar success, most notably, Lakorn Oum Ruk in 2006, in which she co-stared with Ken Theeradeth. [1]

She has been putting her effort in inspiring Thai new generation children. Her Channel 3 TV Show "English on Tour," which aired only 1 minute, is a program to teach English to children for one minute, the program which is receiving high rating than expected. This also encourages her to continue her social service by expanding it to a new TV Show "Sanam Dek Len or Playground," which is also aired on Channel 3. This program teaches new games to children.

Ann Thornprasom, unarguably a very talent Thai actress of this era. Not only she experiences many successes in the acting career, but also in the producing career. She has been pointing her direction to the producing career and it is clear that she will do her best when the time has come for her to take this complete new role.


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