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The Asia's Perfect Ten Essay Competition!

The Asia's Perfect Ten Blog is proud to present the Asia's Perfect Ten Essay Writing Competition!

1. The contest is open to all Southeast Asians.
2. The entries should go by the theme "As an ASEAN citizen, what would you do to help the community and policy?"
3. You may share everything you know about your ASEAN community as long as it is interesting, witty and artistically written and share ideas on how you can improve it.
4. Entries should have a minimum of 1000 words and should not exceed 2000 words.
5. Because Southeast Asia has diverse languages, all entries MUST be written in English.
6. Entries should be sent in Open Document Format, Lotus Symphony, Star Office or Microsoft Word Office.
7. The submission of entries is until the last day of May 2008.
8. Send your entries to

Submission Guidelines:
In submitting your work, every right on the piece shall be granted to the Contest Judges and Blog authorities and should supply the needed informations when submitting your entry.

Full Name:
Email Address: (will be kept private)
Mailing Address:
Website/Blog: (if any)
Contact Number:

Contest Procedure:
-The scoring shall be divided into two parts. The Judges and the Voter's Choice.
-Entries shall be screened and judged by the Blog authorities.
-Qualified entries shall be posted on the blog for voting.
-The contestant's name and nationality shall not be posted with the articles.
-Winners shall be announced on the blog and will be contacted immediately.


-The winners shall be appointed the newest Blog contributors and writers and shall receive certificates delivered by mail. Individual winners shall also get:
-1st Prize: Shirt with ASEAN Clan Banner on the front and the national flower on the back of the tee.
-2nd Prize: A Book
-3rd Prize: Still in consideration


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