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Dith Pran died

Dith Pran, one of the survivors of the Pol Pot Regime from 1975-1979, died on Sunday at the age of 65.

Dith, who had been battling pancreatic cancer since January, died in the early hours at a hospital in New Jersey with his ex-wife at his side, his friend, the former New York Times correspondent Sydney Schanberg, told AFP.

Pran has been working hard for his nation, ever since he has done the "great escape" from the land of misery and blood, to the land of freedom and wealth. He, in U.S.A, established his "Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project, an organisation devoted to educating new generations about genocide in the hope of avoiding a repeat of the past. This is his legacy which will last forever.

Dith Pran story has been shot into film in 1984 "The killing Fields", starred by Dr. Haing Ngor, which won 3 Oscar awards. This movie has brought many attention to Cambodia, as well as the story behinds the Pol Pot Regime.

We, as Cambodian people, want to say "Thanks" to Mr. Dith Pran, for his priceless contribution to Cambodia and its society and people. We wish you may rest in peace and no more harms or agony follows you.

Good bye Dith Pran, you will be remembered.