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This time of the year, Filipinos celebrate the All Soul's Day or Halloween. This is perhaps one of the Philippines' most important holidays as we remember our dead loved ones and offer them prayers and respect.

But being the jolly people that we are, the Halloween here is always noisy. People from all over the place swarm over the cemeteries laden with foods, drinks and karaoke machines.

Some also bring tools to clean plots and tombs of their loved ones and gather for a feast after it. Filipinos also light candles on their doorstep in honor of their dead relatives for guidance throughout the rest of the year.

In the provinces, people prepare native delicacies like suman (rice cake) and bibingka.

Children also go to malls in their halloween costumes and ask candies and goodies from stores.

The Halloween in the Philippines has always been regarded as one of the country's most important holidays as families get together and remember the times when they're dead still lived.


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