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Paula Malai Ali: Southeast Asian of the Month for November

Paula Malai Ali Othman

A Veejai Queen or a super talent girl... Paula Malai Ali has all the abilities to become more than that.

Born in Brunei, grew up in Malaysia and graduated in Singapore, she has numerous mixed cultural inputs and outputs to share to the world. Her voice is enough to seduce all men in the world and not to mention her beauty. And it is still a good news to all men in the world that she is currently single. What is more, the very good news is that she has an identical twin sister. So go home and prepare your CVs.

She is someone who is imbued with a great personality. She feels no stranger in every places she set foot and feels no pressure to new people she works with. She and her sister share the same dreams and work toward the same career. She values her twin as "the most amazing gift" from her mother.

In 2002, Paula married one prominent figure of Malaysia who is also a member of a Royal Family. He is the Malaysian film producer Tunku Azudinshah Tunku Anuar. But in June 2006, after 4 childless marriage year, they divorced.

She began her career as a guest at Channel V. Her talent and charm has promoted her to important position of the program. She is the presenter of the US BillBoard Countdown. Her fame spreads to every corners of the world and she is caught by many other TVs, who are eager to sign her for their service. She often depicts as Malaysian girl, due to her background. Even Paula herself admits that Malaysia is her root but also thanks Brunei for being her homecountry.

Finally, she is now working for ESPNstar and presenting mostly about Formula one racing.

Paula Malai Ali Othman is truly a noble Southeast Asian.


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