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My Sincere Apology

To Those Who May Concern

First of all, I would like to express my regret in my inability to response to your emails which have been sent to me in between July 2010 until now. I was away from our official email, and as I returned to manage it, I found myself miss lots of interaction opportunity.

This is my complete mistake as the main contributor. I am sorry that those who had sent me email did not get the appropriate response from the blog. We hope you would not find this disturbing as we are now also facing difficulty in running this blog.

But we still keep our believe in this blog, this movement. And thus, THIS BLOG WILL NEVER CEASE TO EXIST.

As the main contributors, I have nothing but my proclamation that there will be new posts coming, sooner or later. AND also that from now on, the MAILBOX WILL BE MONITORED IN A MORE REGULAR BASIS.

I hope this post can ensure all of you out there, who wish to send us articles for posting.

I sincerely apology for my lacks of commitment and I therefore vow to perform better as the team captain.

With Friendship, True Love or Brotherhood

Chhaly Samsokrith, Main Contributor of Asia's Perfect 10

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