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"Asia's Perfect 10" is a group blog dedicated to Asean cultural exchange, promoting mutual cooperation and improve regional knowledge. We strongly believe in the Asean Motto: One Vision, One Identity, One Community.

One will encounter the names "ASEAN" and "Asean" while reading this blog, wherein we have separate meanings for both. The former refers to the organization "Association of South-East Asian Nations" and the latter as the new "South-East Asia" ("SEA") regional name. We deemed that by using "Asean" instead of "SEA", the ideals and goals of the "ASEAN" can be reflected and be 'called upon' to an individual's mind when the word is encountered, which "SEA" does not 'trigger'. However, this point-of-view of distinct meanings for "ASEAN" and "Asean" is shared only by the members of this blog, and possibly extends to its readers. Additionally, contributors to this blog may quote from other websites which do or do not share the same meaning for names "ASEAN" and "Asean" as defined by this blog, as well as, to links that may be found on this blog.

"Asia's Perfect 10" is a blog composed of National Citizens of the ASEAN member countries who believes in the "ASEAN Dream" of regional cooperation and integration. We all share the "ASEAN/Asean Enthusiasm" and believe ourselves to be "Asean Citizens" even though citizenship as an "Asean" is not (yet) recognized by the 2008 ASEAN Charter.


This blog is published by and reflects the personal views of the contributors to "Asia's Perfect 10", in their own capacities. It does not necessarily represent the views of their respective affiliations, and is not sponsored or endorsed by them.

"Asia's Perfect 10" is not affiliated to, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Association of South-East Asian Nations ("ASEAN"), its organizations and partners, or by any government, political parties, social, socio-political, and political organizations.

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