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First Experience with Vietnamese Cuisine

Ga Tam Uop Nuong

Me and my friends love to try out different kinds of cuisines. We live in Bandung, a town with cool climate about 3 hours from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. It’s not a metropolitan like the capital, but we are happy to say that we can always have a taste of international cuisine.

Banh Cuon Ga

After Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai, we decided to visit this Vietnamese restaurant. Neither one of us had the experience of eating Vietnamese food, so we didn’t know what to expect. This is kind of sad, as we live in the same region and our countries are partners in ASEAN.

Goi Cuan Rau

It took us quite a while before we ordered, because we have to ask the waitress about the food first. At last (to our waitress’ relief I’m sure), Bayou ordered Banh Cuo Ga and Ga Tam Uop Nuong, I ordered Goi Cuan Rau and Thit Bo Bam Xao La Hung, Julian ordered Pho Bo, and Mel ordered Mien Cua. For the drinks, we ordered Lemongrass Tea and Mint Tea.

Mien Cua

You know what? All of us enjoyed our meal! Although the names sounds foreign and the way they use the ingredients are a bit unusual for us, the tastes really fit our taste. Regardless if they were good examples of real Vietnamese food or not, they were spicy and hot, it suits our Indonesian palate well.

Pho Bo

Maybe this experience is not such a big deal for most people, but somehow I think these kinds of small, personal and trivial things that could bring us feel closer together.


Betong said...

Look delicious. I think "Jiwa Matahari" already bored with "Nasi Unduk" and "Bhakso". I never experience Vietnamese food before but certainly that looks good.

Jiwa Matahari said...

Hi Batang! Thx for dropping by. I don't think I would ever be bored with Nasi Uduk or Bakso (which is quite similar with Pho), but it's nice to get to know our sisters and brothers of ASEAN through food. You should have a try! Jangan was-was, saya dah pun tanya ke pelayannya samada ianya halal ataupun tidak ;)

Adipati Julian Sutisnawinata said...

Delicious! spicy and hot, just the way I like it XD
Let's try other countries' delicacies hehe...

*My favorite food of all time is still Nasi Timbel Komplit[Sundanese-Bandung], Soto Banjar [Banjarese-Banjarmasin], and Ramen of course... XD