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Welcome, friends!

Selamat Datang!

Sohm Swaakohm!

Yin dee torn lap!


Maligayang Pagdating!

Yin dee ton rap! ยินดีต้อนรับ!

Hoan nghênh!

Thank you for JC for creating this blog. We are here in the spirit of friendship among ASEAN people. My hope is this blog will be the bridge for us to know each other better. Let's fill this blog with fun and exciting stuff about our region!


Ms. K said...

cool ;-) go ASEAN

denith said...

Hi Ms.K, please, If you find any Brunei people, tell them about this.

volB said...

Cambodian Greeting should be add up : CHUM REAP SOUR !!! (m i right, cambodian mates?)

Thida said...

You're right, Volb. This website is awesome.

៚LunaTic_TeeniE said...

and CHUM REAP SOUR is how we greet ppl when we meet.
anyway... the banner just lovely... they look so cute... (^__^) 3 thumbs up!

VoodooPro said...


I am VoodooPro.

I think this is a great place for ASEAN member's to share view.

Looking forward to meet everyone soon.


vattey said...

Long live the friendship of ASEAN :)

Jiwa Matahari said...

Thx, ms.k! Pls visit us again, ok!

Chum reap sour, volb and thida.

Thanks for clearing things up for the rest of us, ?lunatic_teenie

Looking forward to meet you too, voodopro. Do visit us often.

Long live ASEAN Friendship! Thx, vattey