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Kampot's Num Bonh-Chok (Khmer Noodle from Kampot)


Kampot’s Num Bonh-Chok

Num Bonh-Chok​​ has been regarded as one of the Cambodian national foods. Even thought the country bears no obvious evidence such as records about the origin of Num Bonh-Chok, but this thick noodle is only to be found in Cambodia. If you never heard of Num Bonh-Chok, just think of a “thick noodle” as mentioned earlier. You can refer it as “Khmer noodle.”

Standard Num Bonh-Chok’s dish is a mixture of the “thick noodle” and Khmer green soup. However, this text introduces you a unique cuisine from the province of Kampot.

But first, let me review some of the Kampotprovince details. Kampot locates at the most south-eastern part of Cambodia, bordered to Vietnam. The best sites to visit in Kampot includes: Kep City and beach, Bokor national park and mountain (and potential resort), Tek Chhu waterfall, and the nature there. The distance between Kampot and Phnom Penh is 150Km. You can travel there by car (takes 3 to 4 hours) or by irregular airplane service.

Back to the topic, Num Bonh-Chok from Kampot province is different from Num Bonh-Chok from other parts of Cambodia. Kampot inhabitants use distinctive ingredients to the thick noodle. Those are: tiny saltwater shrimp, bean sprout, coconut cream, peanut and fish sauce. To make Kampot’s Num Banh-Chok is very easy. First have the thick noodle in the dish and then add up all the ingredients listed with a reasonable amount: slight amount of peanut, three spoons of coconut cream, three spoons of fish sauce, one spoon of tiny saltwater shrimps and two spoons of bean sprout. In the end you shall have one dish of Kampot’s Num Bonh-Chok like in the picture. That should make a fine Kampot’s Num Bonh-Chok. Have a nice meal.