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The Modern-Day Filipino Symbol

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Let's accept it. Some of us have considered the word "conservative" as legendary. Young people (like me) nowadays have been so into techies and up-to-date gadgets. So how does these affect us and our future?

Let me show you what most young Filipinos take with them nowadays.

1. Of course, we can't live without gold as much as rabbits do with their partners.

2. Cellphones have been the Filipinos' number one addiction since the comic magazines. They have become a necessity to the country (and to the world) that the Philippines might be considered the Texting Capital of the World.

3. Condoms are absolute evidences why "conservative" as now a history. Though the Church has been battling out condom ads everywhere, youngsters have learned to use these things as fast as they learned how to use the internet. It could help with the 91 Million and rising population, you know.

4. Well, Filipinos really are fond of singing that even jeepneys are equipped with high end sound systems.

5. Everywhere you go, you can always find an internet cafe in the Philippines nowadays. They've been addicted to it. No wonder we've dominated the Miss Photogenic Award in Miss Universe.

Do you have one of those? If yes, then maybe you do belong to the new generation. If not, better be satisfied with what you have.

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