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What About Timor?

For several years, we've been considering Southeast Asia (just as ASEAN says so) as the Asia's Perfect 10.

But then again, things have gone different now. We have always defined this Perfect Ten as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Laos and Viet Nam. But we have forgotten that we have recently welcome our youngest brother, Timor Leste.

This is indeed regretful that even the SEA Games logo still depicts 10 rings.

Well I suggest, as to welcome Timor Leste on this blog, that we should change the blog's name as Asia's Perfect 11. *wink*

What d'you think guys?


Christos Moissidis said...

Yes, I agree with you! And by the way, since this is my very first comment to your blog that I often read, congratulations for your work that you are doing here:)

shin said...

they can join papua new guinea and australia