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Collect Pearls in the Orient

It may not be new to the Philippines being banned on travel guides by other countries because of countless turmoils that's happenning. Sad as it seems, the Pearl of the Orient's scattered beauty falls to a blur.
But now that its facing a (some kind of) period of peace, let me tell you something about what the Philippines looks like and, maybe, bring more visitors to the archipelago.

Like most Asian cities, Manila, its capital, wasn't designed by architects and engineers that's why it ended up with a residencial house beside hardwares. But nevertheless, the Republic has made all efforts to make it a better place to live in.

Manila flourished around the 1600s when the Spanish invaded the ancient settlement and drove away the natives headed by Rajah Sulayman. The spanish took away the settlement and built a fort on the mouth of the Pasig River to what is now the ruins of Fort Santiago. Manila grew and the invaders built Intramuros, the walled moor. In it, they built the majestic Manila Cathedral and facing it is the Palacio del Gobernador, the former residence of the Governors-General.

Yet all of them vanished. When the japanese arrived in 1945, the city was heavily bombarded and the city was left in havoc. The only structure left standing in Intramuros was the San Agustine Church and the Manila City Hall which was situated outside the walls (used as temporary hospital by the americans). So what? The governemnt reconstructed it anyway. Now, Intramuros and its walls stand sturdily over the city. And the once-ruined structures were rebuilt. Nice isn't it?

Oh my, am I talking so long? So what does the Philippines have for tourists to visit?



While other world-class cities clamour to beautify their streets and erect tall buildings, the Philippines stay as simple as it can be. Doing what they are used to everyday. It may sound boring, right?

Maybe not.

If Rio de Janeiro boasts of its world-class Carnival, the Philippines is very proud to show the world of its countless festivals all year round. They have street dancing, lechon (roast pork with an apple in the mouth), sounds ( the usual bands), foods in every houses (we call it "handa"), beauty pageants and most of all, the games.

Thanks to the Italians for giving us spaghetti, applause to the Chinese for giving us noodles but you may thank the Filipinos for giving you, Pancit Habhab and Pancit Luglog. Some of the various delicacies of noodles that keeps tourists coming back for more.

The Philippines may be very late in technology unlike Germany and the United States but we have other means of transportation that will take you to your dreams(wow!), the Philippines is famous for its jeepneys that taxis along the streets of Manila. We also have the "calesa" a horse-drawn rickshaw inspired from the spanish. Afraid of riding one? Don't worry, we have cabs and buses anyway.

When it comes to natural resources, we compete with Australia, the Amazon and New Zealand for we have one of the best and most diverse forests there is. Be amazed by the glittering waters of our beaches like the Boracay Island, known for its white sands and Palawan, the Philippines' last frontier as well as the perfectly-cone shaped Mayon Volcano and the dormant Taal with fascinating Tagaytay City beside it.

The last of the best attractions in this country are the people. Why? Ask me.

When we have visitors in our house (even if we don't know 'em), my mother asks me to buy softdrinks( a traditional drink for visitors), brings out the best plates and glasses we have, and talks to them and entertain them. She cooks foods that she don't usually cook for us and lets the visitors sit and eat first.

My mother isn't the only one who does that. Everyone in the Philippines does that. Why? Its because we value our visitors much. We value you.

Try to visit us some time. You may not know, you might add more to what I said.

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