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Who's Who at the SEA Games 2007

When the 1st Southeast Asian Peninsular Games reeled off in 1959, the region started its long term bond that now stretched not just in the Southeast Asian peninsula but to the whole world. Participated by 6 peninsular countries, the inaugural game in Bangkok became the start of a continuing success.

In 1977, two new countries joined in as Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines were accepted in the Southeast Asian circle, thus became the birth of the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur. Though Thailand never liked the idea of admitting these three countries and dropping the word "Peninsular", it did not hinder the spirit of the games to unite the peaceful Southeast Asians. Eventually, the three neophyte countries (already earning bronzes and silvers in the Olympics) showed far better competitors for Thailand.

Now that it goes back to where it first emerged, this coming December 6, who takes home the laurels? Check out the possibilities.

  • Brunei Darussalam- Since its inclusion to the Games in 1977, this great little kingdom was a potential SEA Games major competitor. Brunei garnered 4 golds among the 47 medals they bagged during their hosting of the 20th SEA Games in 1999.

  • Cambodia- Though appointed host and declined for so many times, Cambodia proved that they really had their say in the games. Cambodia's highest earn is a 17-gold medal sweep in the 1971 SEAP Games in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Indonesia- When this country joined in in 1977, they immediately champed the over-alls which proved that these men from the south were a powerhouse. Indonesia champed 9 times in the Games.

  • Laos- Laos is among the original members of the Southeast Asian Games and has been a fair player ever since. Though not with greater performance, this country is a promising hub of athletes. Vientiane, its capital is scheduled to host SEA Games the 25th in 2009 for the first time.

  • Malaysia- This country played a key role in the continued success of the SEA Games. When participating countries realized the burden of hosting the SEAP, Malaysia was the one who pushed to the inclusion of the three potential countries of Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines and stepped on hosting to some very tight spots especially when Cambodia and Laos begged off to their hosting rights in 1963 and 1965 respectively. Kuala Lumpur has hosted the Games 5 times and is scheduled for another one in 2015. Malaysia holds some powerful athletes that might strip down this year's medal tally.

  • Myanmar- Alongside Thailand, Myanmar was a major contributor to the establishment of the SEAP Games after hosting in 1961 and 1969. Myanmar champed twice and may fight for another one this year.

  • Philippines- Being the defending champion and among the powerful teams in the games, the Philippines takes with them a great responsibility to defend their title. The Philippines has hosted 3 SEA Games editions with 113 gold medals in its highest tally board.

  • Singapore- Originally scheduled to host this year's SEA Games, this promising country tries a bite at the apple this year.

  • Thailand- This is where it all started. Thailand, the mother of the SEA Games cradles its fruit once more. This country hosted 6 times and has champed for countless editions. Thailand is one of the most powerful country in the games and in the whole of Asia after ranking 5th in the 2006 Doha Asian Games. Can they still make it this year and prove to their brothers its great power?

  • Timor-Leste- The youngest country to join the SEA Games is East Timor. After its first appearance in the 22nd SEA Games in Vietnam, East Timor showed their great potential to jot their names on the top of the tally board. East Timor won 3 bronze medals in the 23rd SEA Games in the Philippines (2005).

  • Vietnam- Hosting the games for the first time and winning over-alls in the first time in 2003 was a big leap for Vietnam. Now that they know what they can reach, will they take back from the Philippines what they got first? Or will Thailand prove that they are the masters in their own land?

Goodluck to the athletes and to SEA Games in Nakhon Ratchasima!


mabuhay said...

nice bro hehe... interesting yung article... Put more articles about our country hehe... And the sea games too! Lans here

denith said...

What do you mean? more of our country? this is ASEAN Clan.

denith said...

I gotta say Cambodia does has some problems at the moment that they can not host the SEA Game. But I'm sure next decade we will be able to, and I can not wait to see this special occasion comes to my home.

Allen Yuarata said...

hi denith... is there some mistake in the article? hehe. Cambodia, as told in wikipedia, has declined to host the SEA Games because of political and financial problems at that time. So I may say that there should be no argument regarding the article. Everything is retold according to the research. Yes, I am really looking forward to seeing the Games in Cambodia.

Regarding your 1st question, i cannot understand what you mean by it. Please do tell me and clear me out when we chat some time? thanks. ^_^

Allen Yuarata said...

Oh I get it. the 1st question wasnt for me. Haha! sorry... im a bit dizzy at the moment. Anyway, catch you some time denith.

For mabuhay (lans), sorry but as what Denith said, this blog is totally asean oriented. we could discuss it but not merely promote it. We should understand the culture not just of our country but of our neighbors. Good Day. ^_^

Anonymous said...

thais are cheaters!!!!