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Allen said...

Site/Blog Name: allYOU
Site/Blog URL:
Site/Blog Country: the Philippines
Site/Blog Creation Date: N.A
Site/Blog Theme/Topic/Category: People

DeeDee said...

Site/Blog Name: DeeDeeDoll
Site/Blog URL:
Site/Blog Country: Cambodia
Site/Blog Creation Date: N/A
Site/Blog Topic: Personal life

Wangbu said...

Site/Blog Name: hulag
Site/Blog URL:
Site/Blog Country: Philippines
Site/Blog Creation Date: N/A
Site/Blog Topic: Self Motivation

__earth said...

Site/Blog Name: the __earthinc
Site/Blog URL:
Site/Blog Country: ASEAN
Site/Blog Creation Date: 2003
Site/Blog Theme/Topic/Category: Social, Economics, Politics

denith said...

hey earth? you are Malaysian rite, how can I contact you? email plz

__earth said...

Hey, the email is

hafiz [AT] maddruid [DOT] com