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Two New Portals about the ASEAN Identity

ASEAN Vision 2020

ASEAN should be a community conscious of its ties of history, aware of its cultural heritage, and bond by a common regional identity.

Remember when I discussed about the ASEAN Identity.. crisis? Raising the questions of what is an ASEAN Citizen, what is it to be an ASEAN Citizen, and what is the ASEAN Identiy? We are a mixture of 10 Nations with different views, opinions, culture, history, and identities. That makes the "ASEAN Identity" a big question for us ordinary people (YOU and me), I even hinted that maybe they forgot about us - the Citizens, the 500 million people of ASEAN.

Before I give you the two new portals launched about the "ASEAN Identity", here are some answers from the ASEAN Citizens like YOU and me.

Jeremy: "For me, an ASEAN identity is living as an asean on top of being an individual. We have our own countries, culture, and races that we are proud of and ready to protect, but to be an asean is to care for your neighbors in the region. To die for them, to help, and together create a strong and stable region. That is, for me the ASEAN identity."

Dyan: "Being one and friendly to each other. Having one economy and a healthy relationship with the whole region. Being WHOLE."

Bachok: "ASEAN.. where everyone with different cultures, beliefs, histories, colors, are one and united."

And as Aaron said: "Before we can attain that, there are lot of things to do. Create awareness, allow borderless travel, asean must impart its footprint on the society not just on the government of 10 member countries."

I agree with Aaron. The ASEAN Body must bring down the ideals to the Citizens level, to us ordinary people, and they must give more effort and money, and be aggressive with promoting ASEAN, "impart its footprint on the society". It is only then that we will truly know what an "ASEAN Identity" is and be able to associate ourselves with being an "ASEAN Citizen".

So now, to present the two new portals, ASEAN has launched two new sites that showcase the grouping's rich culture and creative talents.

First is the revamped Culture and Information Portal ( is a one-stop destination for information on all things ASEAN, including culture, heritage, and cuisines (ooh, ASEANs loves food! We love to eat!!) The site is managed by the ASEAN Secretariat which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The second is a Media Portal ( which contains short films, video clips, and interactive games that showcase the region's entertainment and media industry. An example:

The ASEAN Snapshots is a 10-part documentary series. Each episode will portray a member country's individual identity, be it the country's colourful places or its unique ethnic costumes or iconic symbols or its majestic heritage. The series is produced by MediaCorp with partners from ASEAN countries, and was commissioned by the ASEAN COCI.

And they also have games:

  • ASEAN Next Top Chef - Travel around ASEAN and answer general knowledge questions about the region

  • Preview of Upcoming ASEAN Adventure Game - Join an ASEAN investigator as she completes mini-quests in each ASEAN country

The two new portals are aimed at forging a stronger identity among the 10-member states. "The ASEAN Media Portal in particular, has the potential to serve as a global gateway to the region's vibrant media industry," said Lee Boon Yang, Singapore's Minister for Information, Communications, and the Arts.

He added, "The convergance of arts, business, and technology will spark many new possibilities and opportunities for ASEAN creative industries, as well as our creative entrepreneurs with far reaching impact on other sectors, such as tourism, retail, manufacturing, and education."

Visit the two new ASEAN Identity portals:
ASEAN Culture and Information
ASEAN Media Net

the ASEAN Identity.. crisis?
Two Internet portals launched to showcase ASEAN identity (Channel NewsAsia)

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denith said...

I concern more on Burma... I wonder if they really follow the constitution. Anyway, when we come to one, we will be able to solve anything. Still, we need external support. But it is not a sign that we are still weak but a sign of further and extensive global cooperation.