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Blog on history

I love history but unfortunately, there aren't many blogs that have Southeast Asian history as its general theme.

It was months ago when I blogged about the Srivijayan empire that stretched across at 4 modern Southeast Asian state: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. At one time, it even set foot in Cambodia. In fact, its interference in local Cambodian politics gave rise to the great Angkorian empire.

Anyway, the post on Srivijaya attracted a person that maintains a blog called SEAArch came across my blog and gave his two cents worth. On this blog entry, I'm uninterested in his comment but rather, his blog. The blog revolves around on archeology in Southeast Asia. Right now, the blog is the only blog that I read that touches on Southeast Asian history.

If you love history, to straight to SEAArch!


Jiwa Matahari said...

What an interesting site! Thank you so much for the recommendation, Hafiz. Already my eyes getting sore after reading some of the articles, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Syabas!

Allen Yu said...

such interesting facts...

Charlie -Denith- Samsokrith said...

The site is well-established. They seems to be close to the updated news .