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Welcome to Malaysia Mr. President

President Susilo of Indonesia is here in Malaysia for a 3-day official visit. I'd just like to greet him welcome.

Relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia reached a low recently and I hope this visit would repair of some the dent suffered. One visit of course wouldn't suffice. After all, it is relationship between people-to-people that is hurt, not interstate relationship. But it could be the first step towards a greener pasture. For two countries that have so much in common, it is unfortunate that both got into petty squabble, especially about culture.


denith said...

Oh that is great. Malaysia and Indonesia are one of the fews countries to set up ASEAN back in 1967. Definitely, I have heard some of the stories between Malaysia and Indonesia, and that remains me of Cambodia and Thailand. But, ASEAN exists now, let's forget the bad things and let's grab the good things.

Jiwa Matahari said...

I hope President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's visit to Malaysia can bring the best out of the two governments.We are sisters and brothers, after all!