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A Simple Act of Kindness

a young village girl smiles on cam with her sister

We cannot deny that among the great problems of the Southeast Asian region is poverty. Here in the Philippines, millions of filipinos are still below poverty line. A major problem that has been resolved by the goverment through the years.

As young citizens, Me, together with the Pagtatap-Philippines Youth Organization, a youth chapter of the Pagtatap Foundation, Incorporated launched an Outreach Program for the poor in the remote village of Tabay in the Province of Antique, Philippines, December 30, 2007.

As an Alumnus of the Organization, I wasn't required to go but I wanted to try it out though. Aboard a truck, we travelled the long rough road to Tabay Village.

The Team arrives to the end of the road to Tabay.

The Tabay Elementary School, the only school in the mountaneous village

A young barefooted village child

They unloaded the goods and delivers it to the poor citizens of the village.

Yours truly poses with other alumni during a short program for the people of the village.

The Team then handed over the relief goods and snacks to the grateful citizens.

Village children dance happily^_^

your correspondent smiles with the village girl

Finally, the Org vacates the village with happy faces.

It was a really meaningful way of spending my vacation and I'm glad it turned out pretty well.

There are a lot of ways we can help them. Let's start by a simple prayer and eventually, that prayer may be answered. Whenever we hear the call to serve, never be deaf. Always remember that love starts by a simple act of kindness.

Happy New Year!

Photos taken by Allen and Devreyn(former Pagtatap President)


Jiwa Matahari said...

I think the people of the Philippines show a very strong commitment toward people action. We have similar problems all over SEA, yet I always read and hear good news about NGOs in the Philippines in handling those problems. I think it helps that among our countries, the Philippines is well known as the country with the most "People Power". Thumbs up!

Charlie -Denith- Samsokrith said...

Well, for me, I see that I have appointed a right person for the job. Allen has been our great contributors.

Allen Yu said...

to kuya jiwa..

well, for me, NGO's do well here in the Philippines because the government has never been that reliable on social issues. That's why we are forced to help each other without givernment assistance. thanks for thebeautiful assessment by the way..