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Preah SisoWath High School

When asking which is the most honorable high school in Cambodia? Definitely the answer is Preah SisoWath High School.

Located in the heart of Phnom Penh, North of Independence Monument, the yellow French-structured complex, which is 100 years old now, stood with dignity and prestige. In the past, being a student of this high school is very honorable to one family. Today, due to the rise of many other high schools, both private and public, Preah SisoWath High School remains a mere educational institution. Despite this trend, it is still regarded as one of the best high school of Phnom Penh, and in extension, of Cambodia. Preah Sisowath High School has a total area of 4 hectare, a land which is donated by Preah Karuna Preah Bat Samdech Preah Sisowath Preah Baramreacheanukoat (Preah Bat Sisowath - for short). There are eight main study buildings, and one administration center.

With most of its facilities are built, provided and sponsored by the French Government, Preah SisoWath High School retains its appearance until today. However, presently the school has improved its facilities through donation from students, Cambodian Government and the school fund itself.

The name Preah SisoWath was a name of one Khmer King, whose reign is from 1904 - 1927. He wanted to enhanced as well as to develop educational system inside of Cambodia.

Actually, Preah SisoWath Campus consists of both Junior High School and High School, but mostly, it is only known as "High School." Originally, the high school was named as a Collège, formed on April 1893 under the initiative of Mr. Francois Fontaine. It was originally named Protectorate Collège. The name "Preah Sisowath High School" becomes its official name in 1935.

It is a tradition that Preah SisoWath High School has some special classes for special students. Special classes attendants (Students) must be selected upon written tests. There three main special classes: Khmer Literature, Mathematic and Physic. I was the student of Khmer Literature Special Class from 2002 - 2005.

Here are some pictures of the school landscape. These pictures are taken by the "Transcend USB FlashDrive 2 Megapixel", thus the pictures are not clear. Sorry for this inconvenience.


Jiwa Matahari said...

Is that your high school, Denith? It sure is looking nice!

Charlie -Denith- Samsokrith said...

Yes, of course. Thanks

Allen Yu said...

wow.. and you have those traditional bombshell bells too! or something like that.. coz my school in elementary had one too.. nice school!