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ASEAN Reports 2008-02-18

This first ish are links to reports related to the ASEAN that we found to be interesting for ordinary people like YOU and me. This will be a regular thing, and I call this the "ASEAN Reports". I originally envisioned this on a supposed to be a "group blog" called "ASEAN Citizens" but I'm moving it here.

Next issues could be reports written by YOU, so just submit it to us with the subject "ASEAN Reports". Proper credits will be given. So without further ado:

ASEAN air force chiefs sign declaration of support to address terrorism
Summary: Air Force chiefs from all 10 member natios reaffirmed their commitment to fight terrorism together. They will share information, train together, and keep the communication line open. (Personal note: This could pave way to a real "Asean Air Force (AAF)" sometime in the future.)

Asean capital market forum kicks off today in Hanoi
Quoted: Participants will seek to engender legislations for businesses to issue shares in other countries to facilitate free-flowing capital within a manageable regional framework.

Now, the BEST news I've read today is:
Malaysian agrees to ratify Asean Charter
Summary: Simple, Malaysia is the 2nd member Nation (and one of the founder of ASEAN) to ratify the 1st ASEAN Charter/Constitution. (Personal note: My dear Philippine leaders, please, as one of the founder of ASEAN, and as a respect to our ancestors to whom the idea of a regional body originated, please ratify the Asean Charter!)

That's all for today!

Always remember: ASEAN: One Vision, One Identity, One Community

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