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Laos and Brunei Ratifies the Asean Charter

Four out of ten countries of ASEAN ratified the 1st Asean Charter, the latest Laos and Brunei with the latter having ratified and submitted the "instrument of ratification" last February 15 before Malaysia.

Six more countries are still to ratify the Asean Charter namely - Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. All six countries have until early December to ratify the Asean Charter before the next ASEAN Summit starts.

I am predicting that the next countries to ratify it are Cambodia, Viet Nam, and Indonesia. The first two are where Asean was positively felt the most (being the newest members of the group and as reported in the ASEAN Awareness Survey) and Indonesia as being one of the founder of the grouping and being one of the most active about the Asean Charter (other than Singapore).

Congratulations to Brunei and Laos and thank you very much! This hopefully puts more pressure to the Philippines and Myanmar.

Here's the list based on reports:
1) Singapore - Submitted on: Monday, 2008-January 7
2) Brunei - Submitted on: Friday, 2008-February 15
3) Malaysia - Ratified on: Monday, 2008-February 18; Submitted on: Wednesday, 2008-February 20
4) Laos - Submitted on: Wednesday, 2008-February 20

The Asean Charter will be effective on the 30th day after the 10th instrument of ratification is submitted to the ASEAN Secretary-General Dr. Surin Pitsuwan.

Source: Press Release: Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and Lao PDR Ratify the ASEAN Charter (20 February 2008)

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