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Trip to Chambok

My trip to ChamBok
First time experience

If you mention the name “ChamBok”, I believe not so many people in Cambodia know this place. Actually, Chambok is located near “Kirirom” which is one of the most famous waterfall sites of the country. Both places share the entrance. Follow the road until the fork: the left road goes to Kirirom while the right one leads to Chambok.

The road to the site is in good condition, but relatively small. However, you won’t encounter such turbulence alongside the way. You can enjoy the view of the landscape on each sides of the road.

Our trip was organized by the students of class M2.4 of IFL (Institution of Foreign Language, one of RUPP departments). This was their second trip which was initiated for celebrating end-of-term of their school. There were 25 attendances: 12 girls.

(Missing someone? Irik took the picture)

We arrived at the entrance post at 9am. The entry price ticket is 1,000 riels for Cambodian people while foreigner is charged 3$ (F.Child 1$). We commenced our “pilgrimage” after sorting all things out: store the accessories on ox cart, assigning personal and team carriage and share personal loading.

(Above) Relaxing: calm before storm.

The weight of the merchandises was getting heavier, but in reality, we were getting tired.

It was an easy road at the beginning, everyone was full of joy and energy. After we reached our first milestone, the ox cart unloaded the stuff for us to carry on. We have to re-organize by managing the mean of transporting the merchandises such as the oven, the ice-container, food etc. The road to Chambok waterfall was reportedly 3 Kilometres, which would cost us 1 hour and a half. Indeed, it took us more than two hours to arrive at our picnic spot.

My carriage was alternately the food and ice container. We worked as a team to move those things to our destination. We help relieved the load and change duty in order to save energy. The girls were not lazy at all, and in fact they were helpful and athletic.

However, as we travel alongside the beautiful, silent and harmonic path, we did not feel so exhausted at all. After each minutes of resting, we quickly regain energy. IT IS 3 KILOMETRES WALKING, and our merchandises were our responsibility.

<- Devil’s eyes: the ice-container weighted 10 Kilograms and we had to carry it for 2 Kilometres long. Despite this madness, it was my obsession and determination to carry it.

<- The whole group were not separated at all. They sometimes waited for others to catch up and continue. We kept moving forward, in the hope to see the remote waterfall site and under the light of experiencing the taste of life, even passing many formidable moments and paths.

Finally, we made it

The sound of water flowing boasted our spirit, refreshed our gradually exhausted mind and replenished our inner strength. We reached our destination. We set up our private zone for picnic and unloaded and unpacked all the merchandises. And I earned my rest. Chambok was a real heaven. We were surrounded by cold, fresh and clean water. The water is not for entertaining only; it is the soul of the local people. There is a prohibition for people not to use Shampoo while bathing. Let continues our story: it was time for BBQ. After a long, exhausted journey, red-hot, butter-imbued beef and some seafood were our precious launch.

We rested for 2 hours before climbing the road to the final destination of the trip. It was another difficult road but the willingness, curiosity and determination have been subjected as our self-incentive.

What's that?

The watherfall

We noticed that we were not the only one there. There were nearly 100 people visited the site that day. It is a regular number for this place, as it is still not well-known among people. Ah... it’s time to bath. Well! During the bathing, I didn’t take any photos. After that, we returned to our spot and enjoy a few moment before retreat home.

(Above)Busy guitarist: me with Genesis, my adopted son. As we consumed some of our merchandises, the loading was lighter. The returning trip was easier. However, some people still have to responsible for some important merchandises, and they could not escape.

What would you do after this kind of journey? Sleep of course: While some played cards: We ultimately arrived at Phnom Penh at 6pm.

We separated and went home with experience and unforgettable memory.

My opinion on this trip: That was a nice trip, a trip of my life.
Firstly, the people are all friendly. They are cheerful and helpful, possessing team-work spirit and nationalism. Eventhough I am not their classmates, I felt like one of them.
Secondly, the site is the prime reason. The beauty, environment and aspect of Chambok are very relaxing, serene and tranquil. The ambient is unique yet unexplainable. Silence is the theme of the site. I recommend this place for any adventurous travelers: you will experience total “Heavenization.”
Finally, visiting a waterfall deep in the forest is a rare occasion. The point of the journey lays crucially in the walking trip to the waterfall. Mostly, I have been to many waterfall sites, but by means of modern transportation. This time, we travel by our own feet. Experiencing natural beauty is one of the elixir of life. We are part of nature and exposing ourselves to nature is one method of re-combine our soul with the finest and wealthiest origin of human sources. I wish you have a good time when visiting this place.

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Jiwa Matahari said...

I bet it was one helluva trip! Nothing bonds a group of people like traveling together, especially when you got beautiful scenery waiting for you in the end of the day. I wish all of us could go together, too! Someday, who knows? ;)