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Lunar New Year Delicacy of Indonesia

How is Lunar New Year celebrated in your country? Today I want to share a special kind of food Chinese Indonesians have in the 15th day of Lunar New Year (Cap Go Meh). The name is "Lontong Cap Go Meh". Whatever stereotype you have for Chinese food, Lontong Cap Go Meh will surprise you because it has no typical Chinese food's characteristic. The reason is because the food is not Chinese in origin, rather, it's actually a fusion of some Indonesian cuisine combined in one.

The composition may differ according to the place. In Semarang (Central Java) for example, it is consisted of Lontong, Opor Ayam, Lodeh Terong, Telur Pindang, Satai Abing, and Sambal Docang. While Chinese Indonesians in the capital of Jakarta enjoy their Lontong with Sayur Labu/Pepaya, Telur Pindang, and sprinkles of Bubuk Kedelai on top of them.

Chinese Indonesians choose the food which have symbolic meanings of "prosperity", longevity", "safety", and/or "happiness".
Wishing you all a prosperous year!

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Lomar Dasika said...

Thanks for promoting Indonesia in Asean too....glory for all countries in ASEAN!!! ^^

anyway, Jiwa Matahari, why don't you tell us a story about cap go meh in Banjarmasin rather than Semarang, Bangka or Singkawang (ordinary place of chinese heritage and culture). I think Banjarmasin is more interesting if the city has its celebration. can;t wait to see the venice from the east^^

keep on story telling brotha and sista!!! good work!!! four thumbs for u all!