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Letters to AC contributors

To begin, I would like to personally thank you all for contributing to this blog, by any efforts mentioned and unmentioned.

So far, this blog has evolved into another stage. Nonetheless, our goal is not to compete or seeking profit. Today, I must remain you of our main goal, is to create a bond between ASEAN nations young generation. We are here to make them belief in ASEAN.

However, I noticed some downward trends in the clan progress. Less articles are being posted, and less people come to visit and comment on our article. But, are these our false? The answers are both yes and no. I dare say that the “yes” answer would be the highlight of our lacks of enthusiasm, lacks of belief for what we have done for AC. But why is “no?” I must admit that, everyone of us do value their closet goal than the AC’s, even me. Moreover, I must confess that I have been turning most of my attention from this blog to my PowerSix Group activities. My apology!

Despite this trend, I want to tell you that, I will continue to believe in this blog the way I still believe in all of you. For now, we must restructure the team to revive the blog.

Then, there comes the question: what must we do? To answer, we must also perceive the posting system of this blog. At this moment, we have no clear indication on each individual role in the clan. By defining our position in this party, we will understand our true intention to help the team.

My place is to search for “rare and new” story to post, because I believe that posting the articles where you can find a hundred similar contexts online is a waste of time. My method is quite time-consuming, but I will do it. Allen and Bhaskara are still our leading post makers. Hafiz and Dee Dee are to be the supporting poster while John, will be a site engineer as he always from the start. Sovanna will be the assistant and blog’s record keeper for he will collects information about the clan’s progress hence on. There are ways to contribute.

My address shall not be sufficient until obvious evidence emerges. For this month, I have tracked the ranking in two websites: and We will rely on these sites to control our success.

I wish to continue cooperate with all of you and make a great achievement altogether.

Happy ASEAN day

With friendship, true love and brotherhood


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