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Malaysia failed to get Asean's second gold

Lee Chong Wei just lost to Lin Dai in badminton single. With it, gone is the only hope for gold for Malaysia and another for Asean. In any case, Chong Wei just saved Malaysia's ass by bringing home at least a silver medal.

I thought this Olympics has been disappointing for Malaysia. Badminton especially.

There was a hint of hope earlier because the archery team made it to the quarter final. The way they were performing, Malaysia might get a medal outside of badminton for the first time ever! But their journey ended there and so too an opportunity for medal. It was however a pleasant surprise for me because I didn't know that Malaysia has a great archery team.

Asean's only gold so far was won by Indonesia through, well, badminton, what else? Ah yes, Asean has two gold medals! One from Indonesia and another from Thailand.

All in all, Malaysia only managed to contribute a silver medal to Asean. And there is no hope for more. And so, good night and good luck to the rest of folks in Asean from Malaysia.

Oh, wait, we still have cycling!

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