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Happy Asean Day!!

Let me be the first to greet all of you my fellow Aseans a Happy 41st Asean Day! The theme for our 41st anniversary is no other than "One ASEAN Identity, One ASEAN Community by 2015". We are going that way and we will be there just in time. You don't believe me?

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) ratified the ASEAN Charter last July 21, 2008, though it was not expected, it wasn't a surprised either. Now three countries are left to ratify the charter namely - Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, and I am still very positive the ASEAN Charter will be ratified by all 10 just in-time for the next ASEAN Summit in Thailand where ASEAN was born.

Before I ask the multi-billion dollar question, here are two videos I like to share with you all.

Animation for the ASEAN School Tour 2007

Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

One ASEAN Identity, One ASEAN Community by 2015. The question still lingers - what is an ASEAN Identity to us ordinary citizens? I've written about it before on my blog, but with the recent developments, more awareness, and the ASEAN Peoples now more responsive and voices out their opinions, it is only right that we ask the question again, perhaps this time we will have a clearer definition.

So tell us, your fellow Aseans, What is an ASEAN Identity to YOU?

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