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BAGUIO; Your Perfect Destination

Way up north, in about 1500 meters above sea level lies the Philippines' Summer Capital, Baguio City.

With just over 200,000 residents, Baguio City is a highly-urbanized Philippine city situated at the heart of Benguet Province and capital of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

Baguio was founded in the 1900 by the Americans in the mountainous part of Luzon Island. Because of its location, it is cold all year round with lush pine forests and mossy grounds. Just like the Genting of Malaysia, Baguio is foggy.

The City is commonly accessible via zigzag roads along steep ridges and valleys which makes the trip more exciting. It is also reachable via the Loakan Airport.

Baguio boasts of its ethnic merchandise, beautiful parks and mountain views and several educational institutions that are among the best in the region. Landmarks are abundant in Baguio like the Burnham Park, with a large lagoon designed by David Burnham, The Mansion, the Philippine President's official summer house, Mines View, a small viewing deck overlooking the Cordillera mountains, the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, a majestic pink church at the heart of the city and many other tourist attractions that make Baguio a popular destination for expats.

What's mostly peculiar about Baguio is that airconditioning systems at most establishments are minimal that even the largest Mall has canopy roofing. Taxis here does not have airconditioning too, making it cheaper than in Manila.

The people of Baguio are very friendly and honest. They like to talk to people, especially to tourists and are very eager to show you around. The value peace very much that the police roam around at night for noise makers. They speak Tagalog, English and Ilocano, a native dialect.

The people of Baguio are composed mostly of Ilocanos, Koreans, Chinese and Igorots, an ethnic group.

So whenever you feel pissed off by all this hot Southeast Asian climate, visit Baguio and experience the fun it has to offer!

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