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What's up for 1 year anniversary

Hello everyone, and it is including you Ryan.

It has been a year of actions and achievements. Today, I am very happy that this blog is one year old.

To date, we have made a tremendous progress, far from what I have imagined. Despite some of you being busy with daily life and work, the blog is not as dead as it looks. Your spirit and contribution has kept this blog alive until today.

I remembered the time in AsiaFinest Forum, in ASEAN Clan section when we were starting the discussion about the potential blog, the supersede idea. Thus far, we know only one thing: WE MADE IT.

"Effort does pay-off," this is what I have learned, my friend. And everyone has part of this achievement.
- John and Ari are always the best people I have known in my life.
- Hafiz has done incredible job covers our progress
- Allen has brought us many many great ideas
- Dee Dee and Sovanna has part in the encouragement and supports for the blog
- And Ryan, the new soul, will adds more to the blog

We are one community, even we are living in great distance, but nothing seems to hinder our communication and our move to the future ASEAN.

I believe that ASEAN citizens may want to thank us for all these efforts and we also believe that ASEAN is our true home.

Long Live ASEAN

Long Live AC Blog

Thanks everyone, for making this dream come true

1 comment:

Jiwa Matahari said...

Yippee!! Happy 1st Anniversary for us! Thank you so much for this blog, guys! You are the best! Especially Denith who started the blog for the rest of us. My bright and charming little brother Allen with his creativity. John who always came up with interesting point of views. Hafiz and his news of current events. Dee-dee, Sovanna, and now Ryan too. Here's to us! CHEERS!
Selamat hari jadi!
Kblat chikan!
Selamat ulang tahun!
Souksaan vankheud
Selamat hari lahir!
Mwe nay mingalar pa!
Maligayang kaarawan!
Sooksan wankeud!
Chúc mừng sinh nhật!