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Southeast Asia's Great New Show

In an attempt to blur the borders of Southeast Asia, here comes a drama series set in two of the region's most beautiful countries. The jointly-produced drama series entitled Kahit Isang Saglit (A Time For Us) is a masterpiece in the world of entertainment.

Kahit Isang Saglit is set in Malaysia and the Philippines, jointly produced by Double Vision Malaysia and ABS-CBN Philippines this year. The lead roles are played by Filipino actor, model and singer Jericho Rosales and Malaysian actress and model Carmen Soo.

The synopsis goes like this;

Rocky Santillan's (Jericho Rosales) father was a policeman who was murdered. His mother suffered from a fatal heart attack as she mourned her husband’s lifeless body on the beach. Margaret/Garie (Carmen Soo) was very happy to see her father, Ronaldo Dimaandal (Albert Martinez, again and was excited to spend time with both her mom & dad, but she awoke the next morning to find out he had gone again. Garie & her mom then went to live with a relative who didn’t too think much of her dad (Garie's Grandmother & Eunice's mother).

After 15 years, Rocky has become a police officer and gone to Malaysia for an important assignment. While in Malaysia, he secretly leads an investigation into his father’s death, which remains unsolved though Rocky can still remember the face of the man who visited his dad before he was murdered (Garie’s dad). Meanwhile, Garie still yearns for her father. She still believes that her father left against his will and plans to go to the Philippines to look for him.
One busy day, when both of them are in a rush, they collide and fall into each other’s arms.

It was first aired in the Philippines on primetime from Monday through Friday and will soon be aired in Malaysia, Singapore and HongKong on weekends. The drama series is mostly in Filipino and partly in English and Bahasa.

With this new drama series, the beauty of two countries were shown in a very ecstatic mood revolving in the romantic ambience. It was directed by Gilbert Perez and Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Watch The Full Trailer Here:

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Denith said...

Great! This is the first time this blog do "Drama" post. Hehe! Cambodian people also watch Filipino drama.