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Belait District and Kuala Belait

Belait District and Kuala Belait

Brunei Darussalam is divided into four districts. The largest one is the Belait District which located western-most of the country, and covers half of the country’s total size. Being a direct neighbour to Malaysia, Belait District provides land for 70,000 people to live and being the 2nd most populous district, behind Bandar Seri Begawan’s host district. On the contrary, this district has the lowest density than others, due to its huge size of available land.

For Brunei, the Belait District is the heart of oil and gas industry. The Royal Dutch Shell Company has installed major business operations there.
Most inhabitants of Belait District live in Kuala Belait, its main and administrative town. This city is also the 2nd largest town of Brunei. The biggest one is none other than Bandar Seri Begawan.
Kuala Belait located in the western most region of the Belait District. This town functions as the administrative city for the Belait District. This town used to be a small fishing village for the Malays back in 1920s. At that time, the administrative body was Kuala Balai, the city which is southern to Kuala Belait. The cause of changing its administrative center was of the discovery of oil and gas in the Seria region, which leaded to the establishment of a new city for accessibility to the area of oil and gas, as Kuala Belait has a better potential for infrastructure, especially roads. After the Second World War, more commercial buildings were constructed, as well as administrative constructions in order to house local Brunei governmental service providers such as officials.
Today, this municipality is divided into 8 sub-districts and many suburbs. The town also has several tourism sites such as the Silver Julibee Park, The Monument, The Kuala Belait Boat Club, and the Teapot. There are other places to visit, and Belait District and Kuala Belait is surely a good place to experience.

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